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For UGC work...

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UGC & Video Experience

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MGA MiniVerse Make It Bake

Tim Hortons Breakfast Deals


The Great Game & PuzMap

Sugar & Crumbs

Facebook Lives

UGC for MGA MiniVerse. 1 video posted on my own platform with rights for AD use. Link in bio and story. Using their product and creating a 'baking video' in the theme. Stats- 41k views, 1532 likes, 12 comments, 5 shares, 6 saves.

UGC and 'content creation' for Tim Hortons '£1 Breakfast Deals'. 1 video plus link in bio and story. Same on both TikTok & Instagram, edited externally so no watermarks. TikTok stats- 13k views, 292 likes, 19 saves. Insta stats- 24k views, 225 likes, 23 comments. 

UGC and 'content creation' for The Great Game company. Using their popular 'treasure map' product as a date day idea.
Stats- 22.5k views, 655 likes, 128 shares, 112 saves.

Working directly on Facebook lives for Sugar & Crumbs. Hosting 2 hour live evening session, showing off latest baking products and techniques. 
Hosting my own day time 5 hour live lessons. 6 classes over 6 months with 100's of viewers each time. Reaching to live comments in a filming studio with multiple camera angles. 

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